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Re: [RC] [RC] Relaxed horse at ride - Dawn Carrie

My husband's Paso Fino, Diamante, will do the same...eat voraciously, then take a short power nap.  We figure he's making the most out of his hold.  LOL  My horse Bear is very "up" and forward on the trail, but the minute we come into a vet check, he immediately "powers down," as I call it.  As we go through the vet check, he looks either a) exhausted or b) sedated.  LOL  But he's really just switched over to reserve power.  Head hanging, ears flopped out, dopey, half asleep look.  He never looks very dynamic on his trot-outs, either, just goes out and back.  The vets do recognize that he's not tired, though, as he does have spring in his step, but he isn't all flamboyant like he sometimes is the night before the ride when vetting in.  He's just very business-like during the ride...ok, let's get this over with so we can go back to the trailer and eat.  My other horse Sundance is still kinda excited by the whole vet check thing, although he's starting to "get it."  As for the hold...it's non-stop eating.  And after he's eaten all of his good stuff, if Diamante has any beet pulp left while napping, he's like, "hey, if you're not gonna eat that, mind if I finish it?"  <G>

On 3/31/08, Ranelle Rubin <raneller@xxxxxxx> wrote:
My horse Fellow will actually go to sleep for about 10-15 min after he eats at a one hour hold if left alone. I love it! He will cock a hip, drop his nose and get a power nap. When he did this at Eastern Mojave last year in the middle of the lunch stop (big desert-style corral crammed with horses), the person I was riding with was absolutely amazed! He does not really care much about what is going on around him. Eat, trot, eat, sleep, trot, eat, sleep, trot, eat...what a life~!

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