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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.5822 Stable management - Chipnml

I've been working in stable management for over 20 years, and have my stall cleaning down to a fine art.  I've noticed at many big barns that have mats in the stalls, they often don't used a shovel to scrape the wet spot up; they just pull the dry shavings over it, and kind of mix them in.  The places that clean like this, combined with a tightly closed up barn, will end up smelling like urine even if the stalls look clean.  It sounds like the barn mentioned doesn't have much turnout for the horses, meaning they are peeing in their stalls more.  I'm fanatical about clean stalls....left one barn because he only picked manure during the week, and then stripped everything on the weekend.  By Wed or Thurs the smell would knock you down.  Think of those poor horses with their delicate lungs having to inhale that all night!!

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