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[RC] Pad inserts - Jen Simons

I just bought a used Torsion Standard saddle package (saddle, Christ pad, girth, and stirrups) from a lady in BC.  Unfortunately, when she shipped the saddle, she removed the inserts in the pad to keep for herself (without telling me).  Would be OK with this, as she gave an amazing deal on the package ($800 for it all), but if I had known I would have ordered inserts to arrive at same time as saddle!
I am starting my conditioning for Endurance and Competitive Trail.  We will only be doing 20-25 milers this year (our first).  But I want the mare to be as comfortable as possible.  I am 145lbs (but should drop my winter weight down to 140-136lbs come spring).  She is a rather sensitive mare (not sore, just very picky about rider position and movement).  Man, you have to get that leg just right!
Anyway, I am looking for opinions on what I should do to put padding in the saddle pad.  It is CHRIST's "Saddle pad for treeless saddles" (from http://www.christ-lammfelle.de/en/default.asp).  (fits just perfect under 16" Standard)  It has Velcro openings at the front to slide inserts in.   It is lambskin along the back (nothing at sides) - very nice, thick, cushy lambskin too!  I am looking to add something to raise me off her spine, and provide more cushioning.  I live in a cold climate (around WinterPeg), so would prefer something that will work in winter too (but not willing to sacrifice summer comfort for it - I can keep pad inside where warm).  Do I need to order these inserts from Christ, or does another company have better ones?  What does CHRIST make them of?  How are they shaped?
I am willing to make them myself if you can recommend something better than what I can buy.  
Second question: My friend was scandalized that you would put that nice lambskin against a dirty horse's body.  Meanwhile, I HOPE you do because it feels so nice.  Anyone prefer not to? 
And how do you clean sheepskin when it gets dirty (I prefer frequent cleaning to the horse's discomfort, personally).  
Oh, and a third question: Is it OK to ride her with this pad for a few easy rides until inserts come?