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[RC] Using Easyboots for lameness issue - Linda Winkel

It seems both of my horses are falling apart.. Last week it was AJ and his bloody nose this week it is my mare Abbey and lameness.
For no apparent reason she had come up with a grade 2 lameness issue. I had the vet look at her today and he checked her gait, did a couple of nerve blocks and took some xrays which he will develope by Monday..
It appears to be some type of problem related to her having a smaller hoof in front. I guess it is harder on a horse if they have a small hoof taking the blunt of endurance riding. I will know more on Monday but was wondering if one of the easyboot products would help in this situation. I thought that the boot and the pads could help absorb some of the shock of hitting the ground.
Does it effect a horse if they only have a boot on one hoof versus two or more.. make them unbalanced. My vet is not very familiar with the easyboots so I was wondering if anyone else has used them for this purpose...