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Re: [RC] city slickers - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

still waiting to hear from my friends

Jody called. Said the storm early this morning was horrible. Her trailer was 
still hooked to the truck with the nose into the wind and was rocking like it 
would blow over. It did blow the porto-poties over. 

She said they delayed the start and the clouds rolled back and blue skies 
prevailed so they all took off their rain gear. Then later in the ride they 
were at the away check when dark clouds rolled in, lightning bolts were coming 
straight down and the rain cut loose. The ditches became torrents, then it 
started hailing. It's not like poor Joni has any body fat to keep her warm and 
Jody was sick before she even drove out there so it just about killed them. :-P 
She said at one point a small wooden bridge had water over it and when Rose 
stepped on it it sunk about 6" but finally settled solid and the horses crossed 
it. They jumped everything else. 

I hate to think what the course looks like now. Lots of the trail is crossing 
open mowed grassy fields. I asked Jody and she said, "Oh that grass is history."

Talked to Danny Herlong who was volunteering at Sand Hills. He said the weather 
held off till there were only 2 riders still on the trail...Claude Brewer and I 
believe Windy Mancini. The sky opened up, the wind was blowing away the Easy Up 
tents with people trying to hang onto them and lightning raining down. Both he 
& Jody were saying, "forget the awards & food, I'm staying in my trailer where 
it's dry". 

I think I'll just survive the heat of the hot rides. It was nice to be home 
today. :-)


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You only have to wait 5 minutes in Oklahoma!  There were 4 OK riders (Bruce/Louise Burton, Lexi Jones & Ann McFarland) there and 1 from AR (Kathy Crothers); I'm SURE that had some bearing on the weather. LOL
I'm still waiting to hear from my friends.  I'm sure Terry had a terrific ride and worked well with the weather.  She's got a good head on her shoulders!

Amy Major <mjr_my@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Like the saying goes, don't like the weather in TN, wait 10 minutes.....

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