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RE: [RC] riders set for 120km race - Lori Bertolucci

So say we agree, and I definitely do, how does one work towards getting AERC to change?  And by the way, I just did jump into this conversation...so forgive me if this has been covered already...

"Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM" <suendavid@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Forgive the me too post, but I agree with Barbara 100%.  I doubt very much that continuing to associate with international will have any influence whatsoever on how they want to race and destroy their horses (and sorry, I?m not seeing that as a variable), and would greatly prefer not to be tarred with the same brush.  I dislike AERC resources going to support it at any level and find the entire thing an abomination.  I would highly support AERC withdrawing entirely from anything to do with it, and saying so as publicly and loudly as possible.  The riders that want to continue to compete internationally should do so under some other organization, because this aint what I consider the sport I joined.
I?ll grump grump right along with Barbara.  Sounds like a reality check to me.
Susan Garlinghouse, DVM
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Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 6:21 PM
To: Bob Morris; 'Beth Walker'; 'Ridecamp'
Subject: Re: [RC] riders set for 120km race
Assuming that big money has more power than the voices of AERC, just why do we have to play this game at all?  Riding in foreign countries, riding with foreign riders, started out to be pleasant and a fun interaction with folks from other countries around the world.  When did it become derailed and morphed into what we are seeing now?  If AERC's philosophy of riding with protections for the horse cannot be imposed on USEF and FEI, I vote for pulling out completely and telling the rest of the world that this is not the game we want to play.  And I don't care if others think this is sour grapes.  We feel differently about our horses...they are friends and companions, not expendable machines.  Grump, grump...
Oddly enough, I've been watching this game going south since 1987...little by little by little.

RE: [RC] riders set for 120km race, Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM