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[RC] Portable Corrals and rubbing (was high ties) - Karen Casemier

All this talk about containment systems leads me to a question. I have a nice set of corral panels which I used for a couple of years, but switched out for an electric corral because all three of our horses would rub on the panels. Not only was it loud at night, I was worried about potential injury.
I actually prefer the panels to the electric because of the sturdiness--and after trying to get step in posts IN and then OUT of rock hard ground at the AHAM ride this summer (I think I used half of my water just on getting the posts out of the ground), appreciate the ease in being able to set them up anywhere. I had originally thought an electric pen would be easier to set up, but because I use a lot of step in posts and two strands of 2-inch tape for as much security as possible, I think setting up the electric takes longer than the corrals did. But the rubbing - has anyone run a strand of hot wire along their panels to prevent this? I would be willing to add an extra panel or two to each pen to make them a bit larger as I would expect them to back off from the hot wire. If so, how did you set this up - did you use an attachment on the panels themselves?

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