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[RC] FEI - racing - Steph Teeter

There are a bunch of new FEI rule proposals coming out of the task force work during the past 12 months. One of the proposals that I have heard is to change the current qualification criteria - or Certificate of Capability - which requires horses and riders to complete a 100 mile course in 13:20 or less. IMO it is specifically this speed requirement that drove FEI Endurance to the faster, flatter courses. The new/proposed rule would change the CoC from this single speed requirement to a percentage of winning time. This will make a huge difference in the courses that are being run. For example the winner (and those that finished within the determined percentage of winning time ) of a Florac or Tevis or Old Dominion would qualify based on whatever time it took to win the course - 15 hours, 16 hours - whatever. This essentially puts technical courses back in the FEI world.

If one excludes the Middle East (and especially UAE) from the mix, most riders and organizing committees prefer a more technically challenging course. The UAE is not representative of what most Endurance people want, even at the FEI level.

Will it change FEI Endurance much?? who knows! It's still a race - but somehow RACING the Tevis or OD or Florac seems more 'grass roots' than RACING a primarily flat course with vehicle assistance the entire way!

There are still many reasons why some AERC members want to distance themselves from FEI - I'm not trying to pose an argument in this respect, just filling you all in on what is happening in the FEI world!


On Mar 12, 2008, at 11:46 AM, Beth Walker wrote:

I disagree. I think most of us see what the current trend is -- and we don't like it. However, and this is just my opinion, I can't see a good resolution to the basic issue which is that international endurance is focusing on racing. They are moving to what is essentially a long-distance flat race, which is pretty much an entirely different sport. >>


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