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RE: [RC] CYA RUMP RUGS - Ranelle Rubin


I just looked on pg. 32 of the Action Rider Tack's Fall/Winter Catalog, and you are absolutely right..It says CYA...sorry for the confusion! I personally like that page..can anyone guess why?

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant
Independent Dynamite Distributor

916-663-4140 home office
916-718-2427 cellular
916-848-3662 fax

From: mfarm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 16:49:59 -0800

Ok, I know Ranelle has been “saying” C-Ya…like good bye….however, I do believe it is C. Y. A.  Like Cover You’re A$$.  And if you know Victoria, it fitsJ  She’s an awesome rider and a great person.  And she’s one of those awful women that looks put together even when she’s covered in dust or mud.  Every hair in place, etc.  I like to wear earrings to rides just because it will be the only thing nice about me all weekend.  She’s the one that pointed out I was wearing real pearls…I’m so clueless, I didn’t even know! 


Anyway, just wanted you to know that I’m pretty sure the name is a bit more irreverent!  And it is a great rump rug.  And BTW, I had to ask want that thing was on the back of the horses at the first ride I went to.






Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk

584 Romie Howard Rd.

Yoncalla OR 97499


866-241-1531 (toll-free)

www.mfarm.org & www.wildeivey.com


From: ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Ranelle Rubin
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 3:41 PM
To: Suzy Henderson; Ridecamp
Subject: RE: [RC] RUMP RUGS


Suzy, I love my "C-Ya Rump Rug" from Action Rider Tack. It has a drawstring on it so you can have it on your saddle, and "apply" it while mounted simply by pulling on the strings. It does hang down on each side while drawn up, so be sure

RE: [RC] RUMP RUGS, Ranelle Rubin
[RC] CYA RUMP RUGS, Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk