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RE: [RC] weather - Ranelle Rubin


Glad to hear you are ok....I agree with you, a nice hot fire in the woodstove, an apple pie in the oven, and a good book calling my name to be finished...stay warm..

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From: bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Subject: Re: [RC] weather
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 13:30:46 -0800

We're OK.  Several trees down, including a very large, sprawling oak tree.  It uprooted in one of our small permanent pastures downslope from the house.  It smashed an apricot tree but didn't damage any fences.  The apricot tree wasn't bearing successfully anyway.  This tree is big and has lots of branches and foliage.  We think we'll have our son-in-law cut it into shorter segments and from there we'll make firewood out of it.  We'll have to burn the small branches and leaves eventually.  We have far more firewood than we need right now.  Naturally, we have to cut and stack it at least one, and sometimes two years in advance so it dries properly.  We have stacks here and there all ready for next year, so this tree will be for two years hence.  We love to make firewood, but this is a bit much!
Several trees fell across our road, but the neighbors cut them so they could get through.  We have to do the clean-up, however.  And another tree trashed a fence in our cattle pasture, so we have to fix that before the cows discover it and get out onto the county road.
We're happy to have the extra water in the ground..raises the water table and feeds the grass.  It's starting to storm again right now.  It's a nice day to spend by the fire, reading a good book.
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Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 7:12 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] weather

Is everyone OK? 600,000 without power in California, you guys may be some of the ones without?
The storm is just coming into Northern Utah now. Incredible. Was supposed to get Porthos' shoes pulled today but no place dry to do it. Maybe Jenny can do it in the 10 x 12 stall, as Porthos would not walk last night  in the ice rink that was a corral. Now there is 6" of snow covering the ice.  Thank you Jesus for the moisture. Beccy

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