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[RC] weather, trees, and My-Endurance.net - rides2far

Nice photos. I had my own experience with a tree blocking the road this
week...was a little less prepared. Josie and I followed my friend June
hauling our trailers 6 miles up a twisting 1 1/2 lane gravel road with a
drop off on one side headed back into the Cherokee National Forest, just
praying we wouldn't meet a rig or a logging truck on its way out. Instead
we came around a curve and an oak tree had fallen blocking the road. No
cell service. Nobody else likely to happen by. NO place to turn around
and NOOOO chance of backing out of there.

Between us we had June's 12" folding camp saw (you know, the plastic
handled ones you can carry in your saddle  bags) and my mountain climbing
rope and a long tow chain (until now I'd always thought it was *too*
long). I ended up having to use the rope to get up on the tree which was
about 10' off the ground horizontal across the road. scooted out as far
as possible but the tree was still about 10" in diameter. Started working
on it with that little saw (hard to saw sideways when you're straddling
the tree) and just worked my way as deep as I could all the way around.
Finally doubled my rope around the tree and hooked it to the chain and
the chain to the hooks on June's bumper. Started backing the truck
(steering rig around curve in road) and the rope held, tree broke. Still
had a huge treetop blocking the road so we had to repeat process on lots
of big limbs before we got it where we could all three heave the trunk
over the side. From now on there WILL be a bow saw in my backseat with my
fire extenguisher, hydraulic jack, tools, compressor, etc. etc. Maybe a
come-along too!

P.S. If any of you haven't discovered John's new offering...the endurance
"My Space"  www.my-endurance.net  (I've been surprised nobody's mentioned
it)  you can see my tree photos for proof of my whittling skills at
http://www.my-endurance.net/profile/AngieMcghee  (oh boy, I'll bet you
guys are going to waste your weekend setting up your page now. >g<



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