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Re: [RC] RC : Malaysia WEC - Truman Prevatt


I suspect in the future that international equestrian events will become more difficult to host - instead of less. In the WEC several years ago (Spain), most of the US horses ended up being sold in Europe because they could not return to the US because of exposure of a disease which is common in Souther Europe but is not in the US. An exception was Rio who had to go into quarantine for six months to verify he was not carrying it.

In the US as in many countries horses are a large part of the economy and as such countries will take steps to protect the investment in the domestic stock. Measures were taken at the '96 Olympics in Atlanta to insure no ticks bit a foreign horse and dropped off outside the stalls to potentially impact the domestic stock.

This is at odds with the goals of world peace through international endurance riding ;-) , but I think understandable. In reality I am surprised that the US has remained as open as it has - especially after the outbreak last year in Florida brought in by horses from Europe. The equine industry puts 5.1 billion dollars a year into the Florida economy - that will be protected.


Nik Isahak Abdullah wrote:
Jay ,
I am not a vet but I think I can see the ratonale behind the decicion but I hope we can get around that decision in a more practical way .Otherwise it would be a shame not to have you guys over here in Malaysia .You are potential podium finishers both in the individual as well as the team event and we would like to see your guys there .Change the landscape a wee bit if you understand what i mean .
Fact 1 :
Vaccination of would be selected equine 'athletes ' from Australia now does not prevent 100 % EQ infection in the selected individuals in the post vaccination and pre export period, in a country with EQ epidemics .I am not privy to the decision and discussion but probabvly this is the key issue the vets in our NF are grappling with .The Malaysian NF probably rightfully or wrongfully want to play 100 % safe .Wrongfully in my opinion because there is no such thing as 100 % safe .Also to ally the fear of other participating countries perhaps .
Fact 2 :
The Beijing Olympics on the other hand in Aigust same year is featuring Australia .
I am just wondering aloud , and I do not have any scientific backing for this ,whether we can get around this 'fear' by preselecting the Australian horses early ,all pre vaccinated for EQ and enter them into a safe 'isolation' site for a specified period ,preexport to Malaysia . Could this do the trick .?
I would love to see the Australians wining this WEC !And they certainly have the pedigree and the individuals ,men and equine , of just doing it ! I would in my own" private way" work very hard for that decision to be reexamined .

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“It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong” Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate in Physics


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[RC] RC : Malaysia WEC, Nik Isahak Abdullah