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Re: [RC] Cold Weather Riding - Truman Prevatt

Tom Sites wrote:
This got me to thinking of a few cold times. In 1992 in November, we went to Iowa and it was the coldest i ever been inside a cold trailer w/out heat. The temp. was in the low 20's and the water bucket was frozen in the morning. We finished 5th w/ a ride time of 4:42.
Wanting some sun we went to Florida (Far Out Forest) w/ 2 horses. It was also real cold w/ water frozen in the buckets. So much for the sunshine state. We finished 10th on a 100 . Roberto, my son-in-law rode the 50 in a ride time of 5:40. Truman i see you were there then and came in at 8:45. I wish i knew you then.
I remember that ride. Some lame brain idiot let their horse tail gate and step on my horse's rear foot, ripping a piece of hide off. We did finish since I noticed it and could wash it out and get some vet wrap on it at the last check. I've ridden the FOF when it was 85 and muggy and when the high temp was 45 with a 30 mph Northwest wind. In Florida you just never know from week to week what the weather will be. Two nights ago it was 16 for the low and 45 for the high. Tomorrow it 75 degrees. Of course we await the next arctic blast.
Who would have thought that in July 95 in Colorado we would be in 6' snow drifts, but we were. The temps were ok even tho there was snow. The altitude got to me and i needed to borrow someones water cause i went thru all mine. I never been that thirsty. We finished a very interesting and beautiful 50 mile ride.

In '96 I did a ride in CO - base camp at 8500 feet and three climbs to 12,000 feet - where we had 85 degrees, followed by rain, sleet and now followed by sunshine and 80 degrees. In CO if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes - it will change.

It may have been that we rode up here in Va. when it was so cold the snot froze on my beard and were used to it. I doubt very seriously if i could repeat any of these rides again without a crew or blankets. ts
Tom, I hear you - getting old is not for sissies.



“It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong” Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate in Physics


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[RC] Cold Weather Riding, Tom Sites