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Re: [RC] FEI ETC - Steph Teeter

oh no Bob, this is not making excuses, this is 'analysis' :)

This is what we do when we're not riding. -think about the last ride, and start planning for the next ride-

On Jan 4, 2008, at 10:20 AM, Bob Morris wrote:

I thought it was called endurancce riding because the competitors might have
to endure some out of ordinary conditions.

I never ever heard of this new "excuse riding" before


Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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One of the challenges of the endurance season in Florida is the weather.
It is easier to deal with the 80 degree days we can get once awhile in
the winter - you just clip and use water - than to deal with the weather
in the teens we can get every once in awhile. Steph might recall the
Osceola ride in 2000 which was sub 20 when we started off.

In the cold everything becomes a major issue. The water buckets freeze.
The water is cold and some horses don't tend to drink as well in the
cold. You don't have enough on the horse and they can fail to warm up
properly and cramp. You have too much and they sweat and get cold from
loss of heat. They need more energy to stay warm - particularly if
clipped or if wet when it is in the 20's than in the 60's. Normally cold
is from a front moving through which is accompanied with Northwest
winter winds - which add to the problems.

They can cramp if you don't get the blankets on soon enough. They can
sweat and get cold if you get them on too soon. Some horses do fine in
cold weather - I've ridden one where it didn't matter. Some just don't
do well in cold weather - I've been riding one for 12 years that just
hates cold weather. On top of that none of this addresses the impact of
the cold on the rider - all the same issues.

Personally I'd rather deal with 80 degrees than 30 degrees any day of
the week.



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RE: [RC] FEI ETC, Bob Morris