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Re: [RC] Rump Rugs - Sisu West Ranch

"...I,ve always wondered why some riders will leave a rug on their horse ..."
So have I.  I've even wondered why they wear clothing more suitable for sitting around than for riding at a 8 mph speed.
Seriously, many folk are more afraid that they, their children, or their horses will be "cold" than being sure that the insulation is continuously adjusted for the temperature.
I have never used a rump rug unless the temp is lower than about 40 F (4 C).  (Exception: sometimes in a cold rain you need one at a somewhat higher temp).  It is my opinion that rump rugs should be rolled before the horse starts to sweat, kept rolled during the ride while proceeding at a pace above a slow walk, and unrolled if walking the last 1/4 mile before a check.  Ideally, the tack is pulled upon entrance to the vet area and replaced by a blanket over the rump while the horse cools.  When entering a vet check at speed, I have blanketed the rump while putting water on the front of the horse.
One day during a sleet storm, while riding with no crew, I just put a blanket over the saddle and rump rug.  Bad idea!  Because I did not remove the saddle, I did not notice a bunched blanket.  By the next check Ranger  had a sore back and was pulled at the finish.  Bummer!
Please do not take this as a hard and fast rule.  Many riders, particularly those who are not trying to top 10, leave the rump rugs down unless it really gets hot later in the day.  They seem to do OK, I just think they are not using an optimum strategy.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

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