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Re: [RC] [RC] Las Cruces Ride - Cold - John Teeter

I think you'll find that both riders you mentioned exceeded the CoC required time though. Mostly the completion rates between the two come pretty close to the conditioning of the horses, the skills of the riders, and the luck of the day (for example two lameness pulls were related to Mesquite thorns in the lower legs .... bad luck? ... lack of care in course design?? ... horsemanship skills?? lots of factors.

I still think the biggest difference relates to the management of those horses over 40 miles in cold conditions with the bare minimum of recovery time at an early 20 minute hold. (A hold at which steph had 7 minutes left after the vet saw her horse - followed by 3.5 hours on the trail).

You guys trying to make a race.vs.ride statement based on this particular event are missing most of the point (IMO:)


On Jan 2, 2008, at 2:21 PM, Dawn Carrie wrote:

?Two friends of mine did the ride (non-FEI; both completed), and said that they never felt that they hurried, and they finished in 5th and 6th, I think it was.? Interestingly, the 5 non-FEI riders had an 80% completion rate.? Something to think about??

[RC] Las Cruces Ride - Cold, FXLivestock
Re: [RC] [RC] Las Cruces Ride - Cold, Dawn Carrie