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RE: [RC] Blood Glucose for Horses - Don Huston

Hi Alison,
I bought a new glucometer, the Accu-Check Aviva and test strips for people (where do I get test strips for horses?). I bought test solutions for it and my old Accu-Check Active. At first the Active tested a consistent 20 points higher than the new Aviva using the same blood sample then the low battery light came on the Active. I put in a new battery and now after 6 or more tests they both give the same reading using the same blood and both give the correct readings when tested with their test solutions......so the meters are okay. My 3 geldings are fed alfalfa only. 21, 15 & 10 yo. The 10yo gets 4lbs grain 5-6 times a week. Their morning alfalfa is always gone by 8am so I have been testing them after 6 hrs of fasting at 2-3pm. All 3 get readings of 60-70 on both meters. I have not done a "correct" glucose curve yet but here are the readings I have taken in 2007. Two readings minutes apart was to see if the meter was going to be consistent. Two readings listed at the same time means I used both meters.

1-07 fed alfalfa at 2:30, tested after hay was gone at 3:47 = 78, tested at 3:55 = 73
1-08 fed alfalfa at 2:30, tested after hay was gone at 4:36 = 67, tested at 4:47 = 68
1-09 fed alfalfa at 1:00, tested at 1:00 = 62, tested at 2:26 = 61, tested at 3:13 = 84
1-10 fed alfalfa at 2:30, tested at 3:52 = 86
1-11 fed 4lbs grain at 1:40, tested at 1:48 = 70, tested at 1:51 = 77, tested at 2:53 = 82&83, tested at 3:44 = 104, tested at 4:01 = 80&82
1-13 fed 4lbs grain at 10:40am, tested at 10:47 = 62, tested at 1:02 = 124, tested at 1:04 = 127, tested at 3:06 = 60
1-15 fed alfalfa at 2:30, tested at 5:07 = 72
1-19 fed 4lbs grain at 9:00am, tested at 9:01 = 57, trimmed hooves and took 2 hr ride, tested at 2:17pm = 84
1-20 no food tested at 2:16 = 72&72
1-21 no food tested at 1:22 = 74
1-23 fed 4lbs grain at 10:30am, tested at 10:36 = 67, tested at 12:17pm = 106, tested at 1:21 = 108, had to leave
1-24 fed 4lbs grain at 1:00pm, no test, tested at 1:44 = 85, tested at 2:29 = 103, tested at 3:14 = 106, tested at 3:48 = 98, had to leave
1-28 fed 4lbs grain at 1:00pm, no test, took a 2 hr ride, tested at 4:22 = 71, tested at 4:24 = 82

Not very scientific data (I will get better) but what do you think so far?

At 12:21 PM 11/8/2006 Wednesday, you wrote:
Something sure seems odd.  You should be able to use a people meter and
strips for horses (all the rest of us are <G>) but 60's is a crashing
kind of reading.  Obviously your horses are not crashing, so something
sounds screwy with the meter. Do your horses get fed hay twice a day and
are you taking the readings right before feeding them again?  Even at
that point, you should be getting more like 80 something, but a high 60
is possible.

Do you have the time to run a glucose curve on one?  It would be
interesting to see what your highs are.  Run a curve by fasting the
horse (3 hours past last hay ingested), take a baseline BG, then feed a
couple pounds of grain.  Take BG every half hour for about the next 4
hours or until the curve clearly comes back to your initial base
reading.  If it never goes over 100, I'd just add 20 points to all your
readings from here on!

You are picking up capillary blood from the tailhead area, which is
fine.  There could conceivably be some drop if you measure venous
blood, but the vets all do, so its very slight - not enough to be 20
points different!

Don Huston at cox dot net


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