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RE: [RC] limited pasture/horse and hoof health - Rae

I haven't noticed much problem with that.  My pens at home have been nothing
but sand for nearly 30 years now.  I've had 6 horses go from dry lot to
grassy pasture at Ridecamp many times and we've never had a problem.  I use
the electric corral and make a pen that's about 15 X 20 and will put up to 3
of them in there (they have a history of getting along, if not, I will put
dividers in the pen to separate them).  I don't move the pen over the
weekend, so I guess the amount of grass they get in that small area is not
enough to hurt them.  I even have one mare that is in LOVE with food and
anything rich immediately gives her gas colic.  She gets separated from the
rest for grain/beet pulp as she cannot have beet pulp and would inhale hers
and theirs if I wasn't careful (then she would colic).  The dry lot to grass
switch doesn't affect her either.  I would think, that unless you're turning
your horse out on a very large, grassy pasture for 36 hours, it shouldn't be
a problem.


Tall C Arabians - Central


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Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] limited pasture/horse and hoof health

I too am considering the Paddock Paradise concept for our 4+ acre property
for our horse(s)...we have 1 today but will soon be adding a second.  Right
now she's in a 1/2 acre paddock that wraps around the barn in a U shape and
enjoys going around it every day.  There's trees there too and I spread the
hay out in various places to keep her moving.  She has the ability to go
into the barn into a run-in stall and can come and go as she pleases.  When
it was really super muddy she tended to stay in the barn and look out.  At
nights I think she stays in the barn but obviously moves around thru out the

The biggest question/concern I have as we get more involved in endurance
riding...is the amount of grass they can or cannot eat.  As the tracks
become worn down to where little to no grass grows, then the horse is
limited to a complete hay diet.  Then what happens when you go to an
endurance ride and set up an electric pen on grass?  I think we would want
them on grass at least to some extent so when we take them to endurance
rides or just general trail riding they will be accustomed to grass.  I know
when I take my current horse out riding she is really eager to eat grass
along the trail because she has none in her paddock.

Val + Sania 


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