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[RC] Feeding "moderately overweight" pony - sherman

Your description of your puff pony sounds just like my BLM mare. At 13.3H and well sprung ribs, Gypsy also had a thick, leaning towards cresty neck, but she didn’t have “fat pockets” anywhere. She looked like somewhere back in her ancestry there might have been some draft. Her feet weren’t big, but they were tough. She was also an air and I never gave her anything but hay (except when she was pregnant) and she would get very fat in the spring on the 3 acres of native pasture. After she was well behaved under saddle, she was also very lazy on familiar trails. She would move out on a new trail though. Oh, she carried 175 pounds quite easily.

Good luck!






To clarify, I took her *off* the beet pulp once I got her.  Former 

owner had been giving it as a way to make sure she got enough fluid.  

She drinks fine, though.


The LMF Super Supplement is billed as being "for easy keepers" just to 

get the trace minerals in.  She didn't like the trace-mineral salt 

block.  She has a white salt block now, which she uses.


I just got on my scale with my clothes/boots on and holding my tack, 

and she carries a grand total of 136 pounds.  I've been told I don't 

look too big on her.


She was last wormed in July and I'm going to give her a worming today.


I talked to the vet about doing blood work, and he didn't seem to 

think it was necessary.  I'm starting to wonder about the vet, 

though.  For now, i'm going to go with what he said and assume she's 

just suffering a little from too much food and not enough work.


The Barn Ladies I talked to said not to decrease her feed until the 

winter was over, as she might lose weight on her own.  But I wanted to 

run her diet past you folks.  I did just get a weight tape and if her 

weight stays the same over the next few months, or increases, I'll cut 

down her hay.  The barn-meal-plan hay is pretty awful and sometimes 

she doesn't even eat all of it.  The lunchtime hay is my own, and I 

was raised to feed horses three times a day so I feel weird skipping 

"lunch."  If she doesn't lose weight I'll probably have them cut down 

her breakfast or dinner to half a flake.  But the lack of energy, 

sheesh.  I am really hoping it's just lack of fitness.  I imagine that 

will become more clear over the next few months as well.