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Re: [RC] [RC] Feeding "moderately overweight" pony - Dawn Carrie

I had the same immediate thought as Barbara and Paddi...cut out everything except hay, and I'd cut back on that as well.  Ponies are notorious air ferns.  Keep riding her as often as you can...3-4 times a week, nothing fast, just steady.  You don't want to make her sore from too much work, or give her a bad attitude about it...but consistent exercise and less food will get the weight off her and start building condition.  I wouldn't worry about the hay belly, as long as she's up to date on worming...that will slim down as she works.  And if she has very well-sprung ribs, that will give her a "round" look in her barrel...I have a 14.2h Arab gelding who has very well-sprung ribs and a short back, is in 50-mile shape, and still looks pregnant, even though he's not fat.   :-p
The crestiness is a bit worrisome...but it may go down as she loses weight.  Ponies are more prone to Equine Metabolic Syndrome (also known as insulin resistance) than some other breeds...here's an article on EMS for information:
Good luck wiht her.
Dawn Carrie, Texas

On 11/30/07, Betsy Thomas <betsy@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I transitioned her to having a few pounds of grass hay and 12 ounces of
LMF Super Supplement for lunch instead of the beet pulp.  She used to
be on pasture at her old place, and now she is in a small stall/
paddock.  The hay she gets for breakfast and dinner is low-quality
timothy, probably about 10-12 pounds total.  Then for lunch she gets
2-3 pounds of high-quality orchardgrass and the LMF Super Supplement.
I don't have a scale at the barn but I practiced holding hay on my
bathroom scale.  I have a deli scale for the pellets.

[RC] Feeding "moderately overweight" pony, Betsy Thomas