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[RC] Long distance hauling - CTH

The farthest I have hauled alone is the Steph and Johns in Idaho.
23 1/2 hours driving time.
I feel that the trailer makes a big difference in how I haul. Also the road. If it is flat and smooth I just go. Hilly and twisty I worry more and rest more often.
An open stock trailer with wind and noise all the time I would stop and rest more often.
I have a really nice Keifer built 3 horse slant that rides smooth and quiet. I have insulated the floor with spray on foam under it and the roof same way. Very quiet and keeps the heat out. Putting in a ceiling fan vent this winter.
I haul 6 to 7 hours only stopping for fuel. I have it planned ahead and stop where I can let them into an arena to roll , drink and run for an hour while I eat lunch and take a short break.
Then its back in the trailer and I only stop for fuel.
Its about 12 hours hauling to get to Helena area where I spend the night.
Then back on the road by 6 am and I make miles. I grab McDs for breakfast and eat on the road.
Fuel stops (carrot stops) only for at least 6 hours.
I stop for groceries giving them at least a 1/2 hour break offering water. Then straight to Steph and Johns. I usually arrive about 7pm.
The horses do well travelling if they get a full nights rest where they can move arround.
In Alberta we haul 7 to 8 hours for local rides without blinking an eye. Best to get there and get them settled. I don't stop except for fuel which gives them standing time.
I offer water which they rarely drink so I give a beet pulp mash on arrival.
Once when coming home being chased by a snow storm we hauled 3 horses 19 hours with only 2 breaks out of the trailer.
We needed to get across the mountains before we got into bad weather. I was really worried about pulling the trailer over the mountains on bad road conditions.
I once spent 2 days snowed into a small town less then 3 hours from home on my way back from Owyhee.
Paddi Sprecher



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