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Re: [RC] [RC] Training to cross suspension bridge - Dawn Carrie

Nancy, I think you're right.  In many cases, if we expect the horse to be nervous or reluctant, he will be.  If we are confident and expect the horse to just do what we ask, he usually does.  The first time my horse Sundance saw a wooden bridge with siderails while riding on the ORV trails on the Forest, he stopped, sniffed the wood, and when I urged him onward, he walked right on across.  We crossed several more that day, and he trotted right across without the slightest hesitation.  I've been with people who said their horses wouldn't like the bridges, and sure enough, they were unable to get them to cross, a couple even when they got off and tried to lead them.  Those two had to cross down into the creek and up the other side. 
Dawn Carrie, Texas

On 11/28/07, Nancy Sturm <sturmranch@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think you're probably right.

I have only ridden one horse over a suspension bridge. but it was an
appendix qyarter horse, off the track TB type.  I used him for everything,
three day eventing, dressage, tried cutting calves off him, and he was often
given a break from showring work by being "allowed" to do some tough trail
rides.  He stepped right onto the suspension bridge and walked confidently

You have to wonder if the bridge thing is more in the rider's head than the



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[RC] Training to cross suspension bridge, edna leigh libby
Re: [RC] Training to cross suspension bridge, Nancy Sturm