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Re: [RC] Girth Soreness - Don Huston

Hello Peggy,
I just got back from the Tejon Ranch 50 that was last Sat. What a beautiful place to ride. Since your horse's soreness in the girth area cleared up so quickly I am guessing the problem was just the steepness of those Tejon hills. Maybe the extra pressure and pulling behind the elbows on those steep downhills was more than your horse was used to and made her sore? I saw many horses taking very short "baby steps" walking those steep downhills which indicated to me that they were not happy about it including mine but he had no soreness. A crupper might help. Of course the best solution on those really steep downhills is to get off and walk since the horse can't go fast anyway and lord knows I need the exercise :'(. I have used a Professionals Choice elastic girth like this http://www.profchoice.com/htmldocs/prd/english/prd/dg.html for 8 years now (I have 4 of them) and have had no girth issues on 2 horses. I don't think you need a different girth since on all the other rides she was just fine.

Don Huston

At 10:44 AM 11/27/2007 Tuesday, you wrote:
I've been reading about girth galls, but I have another problem.
My mare in the last multiday I did, got so sore on her girth area, that you couldn't touch her there. I had to pull the 2nd day of the Tejon Fandango because she was so sore I couldn't tighten the girth - not that I would when she was like that.
I'm using the same saddle and girth, a Toklat fleece-backed with elastic ends and the same saddle I have used successfully for many multi-days. She has no back soreness at all.
As sore as she was, she was totally fine by that evening. I have people telling me to try another type of girth, but what? I'm wondering what kind to try - I could end up buying 20 girths, all with the same outcome.
Has anyone ever had a problem like this?

Peggy Bergman-Smith

Don Huston
donhuston @ cox.net
SanDiego, Calif


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[RC] Girth Soreness, Peggy B-Smith