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[RC] [RC] beet pulp and mineral absorption - Patti

>>>>From: "Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM" < suendavid@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   beet pulp and mineral absorption

>I am not sure this was the study originally sited, as this one doesn't seem
to me to address specifically the issue of beet pulp effects on
mineralization >in young horses.  I thought I remembered a study that
specifically spoke to that.  I guess the bottom line for me is that I would
find another source of >added calories for young horses until I thoroughly
understand the issues.

Let me see if I can clarify this a little.  Virtually any high fiber diet
tends to bind up a little more calcium than a diet lower in fiber, say, one
that was primarily sugars, starch and other simple carbohydrates. <<<<
Tom Ivers brought up the "beet pulp binding minerals" topic a few years ago and cited some studies (including the Lawrence study).   [couldn't get RC archive search to work but was able to google]
http://www.endurance.net/RideCamp/archives/past/05/31/msg00011.html  http://www.endurance.net/RideCamp/archives/past/05/31/msg00048.html (then the thread kind of degenerates)
Kat did an excellent review of the abstracts/articles quoted 
http://www.endurance.net/RideCamp/archives/past/05/32/msg00187.html  http://www.endurance.net/RideCamp/archives/past/05/32/msg00188.html
I recall Susan G also adding additional info (especially pertaining to the foal feeding aspect - can't find those posts but her current posts are keepers) and Ed Hauser had a good post on how to review/interpret abstracts and research articles.  http://www.endurance.net/RideCamp/archives/past/05/32/msg00244.html

Patti K
Vail AZ