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Re: [RC] [RC] Bandos Saddle - Beth Walker

I've played with the idea of a treeless periodically, but I have always had trouble with the stirrup attachment designs. ?

In all the models I've seen, the attachment looks like it would concentrate pressure in a very small area, particularly if you rode in a two-point position for any length of time. ? I looked at the pictures of the new Bandos, too. ?From the picture, it looks as if the "attachment plate" is primarily fabric, so I would think that you would still have the same general problem - when weight is put into the stirrups, it ends up being concentrated across the back in that very narrow area. ?However, I also haven't heard of severe problems for that.

So - does anyone have an explanation for how these saddles avoid that problem? ? Is it simply not a problem (and why not), or to folks with treeless saddles not use 2-point position?

On Nov 27, 2007, at 8:50 AM, Smith, Dave wrote:

Thanks, Karen.? I plan to check out all these saddles.? I have some time before I begin saddling Minuet, my Arab filly “rescue.”? Her back is very similar to my mustangs’ and his Synergist saddle may fit her once she grows a bit more. While I’m pretty happy with the Synergist, I’m interested in a treeless saddle, thinking it may be more comfortable for her than a more traditional treed saddle.? --Dave

From:?Karen Sullivan [mailto:greymare56@xxxxxxxxx]?
Sent:?Tuesday, November 27, 2007 8:44 AM
To:?Smith, Dave
Subject:?Re: [RC] Bandos Saddle
Ranelle, also curious what is in the pommel?? And is it removable? Also the cantle?
Dave and all....the list of proven treeless saddles has grown tremendously in the past several years as manufacturers are really coming up with new designs, testing, etc.? I bet some of you have not heard much about all the new Sensation, Freeform and Barefoot models, Startrek has several models, new Equiflow treeless, Treefree, Foenix, as well as quite a few more....
The yahoo group?www.groups.yahoo.com/group/treelesssaddles?is devoted to the discussion of treeless saddles, tons of information,links to manufacturers and photos.
Karen Sullivan

On 11/27/07,?Smith, Dave?<dsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxx?> wrote:

Ranelle:? What are the differences between the Bandos Trail and Bandos GP models?? How much do these saddles cost? Who sells them?? ?I've been thinking about a treeless for my 1.5-yr-old filly once I begin saddling her in about a year.? --Dave


[RC] Bandos Saddle, Smith, Dave
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