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RE: [RC] Girth galls, etc. - Sheila A. Walsh

I, too, have never had a girth gall with the wintec neoprene girth.  I also take some precautions and gob on the Desitin (sp?) in their arm pits, when I am going out for a long one.


No hour of life is wasted, spent in the saddle.  "Churchill"

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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 1:12 PM
To: Mike Lewis; ridecamp
Subject: [RC] Girth galls, etc.


I've found Body Glide a great help on both horses and riders, but that said, I've had very poor luck using the Professional's Choice neoprene girth.  It hasn't worked for any horse I've used it on.  Just too grippy.  Many people have good luck with mohair string girths.  I ride English and my favorite girth is a Wintec neoprene which stretches.  The material Wintec uses slides over the horse's coat, unlike the Pro Choice neoprene.



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From: ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Mike Lewis
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 11:20 AM
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Subject: [RC] Girth galls, etc.

I rode in the Carolina ride this past weekend (my 2nd 50, didn't complete, learned to have a healthy respect for sand, cold weather, and 50+mile rides) and finished with some girth galls that were more severe than I've seen in the numerous LD rides I've done.  I'm riding with a Bob Marshall saddle and a Professional's Choice SMX neoprene girth.  Same stuff as always, and most of the time I've had only minor girth rubs.


The new thing we did this time was use a heart rate monitor.  I always use Body Glide in the girth area to help alleviate chaffing.


Can anyone suggest girths that might be friendlier to protecting against girth rubs over long distances (if such a thing exists)?  Does anyone have a favorite girth they use with Polar's heart rate monitor pickups that slide beneath the girth, or a favorite mounting technique for these pickups that minimizes rubs?



Thank you,



[RC] Girth galls, etc., Betty Edgar