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Re: [RC] Girth galls, etc. - Mike Lewis

Thank you for your help, everyone.  I'll check into the mohair girths and the Wintec (for English saddle use) girth mentioned.
Hope these make the difference--I can't stand girth galls, and really don't want to put Molly through another 50 with these painful rubs.
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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Girth galls, etc.

A lot of people are recommending mohair string girths (as usual).
You say "girth," but are you using the usual Sportsaddle
"Western" single-buckle cinch rigging?  Or are you using an
english billet girth adapter?
If you are using the english billet adapter, I've got a 100% mohair
38-40" girth from Sportack that I am selling for $19.  Used once.
I bough it 8 years ago when Sportack was still selling 100% mohair.
Has the center rings.
Here's a picture of it:
I don't normally ambulance-chase solicit off  Ridecamp posts
like this, but I think there's enough potential mutual interest here
that you won't mind.  I apologize if I assumed incorrectly.
Linda Marins
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From: Mike Lewis
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 2:20 PM
Subject: [RC] Girth galls, etc.

I rode in the Carolina ride this past weekend (my 2nd 50, didn't complete, learned to have a healthy respect for sand, cold weather, and 50+mile rides) and finished with some girth galls that were more severe than I've seen in the numerous LD rides I've done.  I'm riding with a Bob Marshall saddle and a Professional's Choice SMX neoprene girth.  Same stuff as always, and most of the time I've had only minor girth rubs.
The new thing we did this time was use a heart rate monitor.  I always use Body Glide in the girth area to help alleviate chaffing.
Can anyone suggest girths that might be friendlier to protecting against girth rubs over long distances (if such a thing exists)?  Does anyone have a favorite girth they use with Polar's heart rate monitor pickups that slide beneath the girth, or a favorite mounting technique for these pickups that minimizes rubs?
Thank you,

[RC] Girth galls, etc., Mike Lewis