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Re: [RC] guns - Mike Lewis

I usually do my target practice at home in our "small pasture," which I close off to the horses.  All of my horses are used to firearms from .22 to 30-06 and shotgun being discharged relatively closely (haven't fired the 30-06 lately... can't remember if it is louder than my shotgun.  :-))
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From: Susan
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] guns

I totally agree with your ex-marine (can you be an EX Marine?) expert marksman.  I carry a .40 (mainly).  Mine is a sub compact but is still rather large.  Any suggestions for a small gun that still has enough "whoa"? 
Along that line, is a vest about the only way to conceal a large side arm?  The big tee shirt won't work for me.  Once the shirt gets too big it brings about other problems for my modesty.
Do you other "heat packers" train your horses to stand quietly while being shot off of?  I had no problems with the .22 but the larger / louder calibers are a different story.  Charlie will stand but he doesn't like the loud noise.  I can't blame him!

Sbolinge@xxxxxxx wrote:
I am guessing those who carry guns when riding carry them in case that have to shoot a wild man-eating animal, a human being or an injured horse.  Which means the type of gun and caliber is important, i.e. big enough to do the job.(wouldn't think and 22 would serve much of a purpose) Purpose always dictates caliber my ex-marine expert marksman told me. So what type of gun and caliber are you heat packers packing?

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Re: [RC] guns, Susan