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[RC] Bump on Pastern, buy the horse or not? - Karla Watson

You guys are the super educated bunch of the equine world! Her is one for you......I am considering buying a very nice horse that has a bump on her pastern on her RF leg. The bump is about 1" in width and 3/4" in depth between her joint and fetlock on the outside leg. Its very hard and doesn't interfere with her movement. Vet thought it looked like ringbone (she is only 9 and lightly started this year--she was a broodmare prior) but upon x-rays showed it was not ringbone or arthritus. Based on x-rays, the 2 vets felt it was the result of an old injury and that some calcium deposit had built up to protect it. It isn't in the pastern joint at all, no sign of arthritus, and the joint looks good. Flexion tests revealed she was fine and 2 weeks I rode her on trails she was very sound. The vet felt this bump shouldn't be a problem. This mare is awesome otherwise. Nice conformation, gorgeous, well bred and a super personality. Can you tell I like her? Would you buy this mare? Is this going to be a problem? I expect to do mostly LDs with her. She is a Paso Fino and I plan on breeding her in a few years after I have some fun with her. Any advice on this one???
-----------Karla/Portland, Oregon