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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] feeding at rides - Tx Trigger

I think many riders feed what they do, and when they do at the rides because it makes THEM feel better about what they are doing for their horse. I'm thinking many who feel the need to get up at 3:30AM to feed some mash with a long list of exact measured ingredients have some deep feeling that they are doing better by their horse to do this stuff, than the neighbor who tosses hay to their horse the night before, and some little pan of beet pulp with some grain in it and NO electrolytes <gasp>.  Sometimes I think people make distance riding much more complicated than it really is.  Maybe that need to feel that nothing this fun can be that easy to do. Kind of how they feel they might be viewed by their friends. You know, if we made it look to easy, everyone would do it kind of thing.  Heck, I don't care if they feel the need to complicate their weekend with that sort of stuff, but please do not wake ME up doing so. My horse has his hay, and his pan of feed, and I might even give him e'lytes. But I sure don't make a huge production out of it. Oh, and he will eat his mash cold, but if one does feel guilty because they have spoiled their horses with warm mashes, heat some water before you go to bed, put it in a thermos. Wet the mash to get it soft and soaked, then dash out of the trailer at what ever hour in the morning makes you feel good, give them their mash, and pour that thermos water over the top. You will feel better, and the horse will have it's food. ;-)

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