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Re: [RC] Heaters in trailers - Mike Lewis

Molecular weight of CO is 28.01; molecular weight of air is 28.975... so it looks like the article I read was incorrect in stating that CO would sink to the bottom of the trailer.
Dynamically, it makes sense that the heated air (and CO) would rise to the ceiling.
So... there you have it.  Something to consider...
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From: Gary Fend
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 9:37 AM
Subject: RE: [RC] Heaters in trailers

Wait, are we talking about carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?  But I like the idea of filling your living space with greenhouse gasses and let global warming do its thing.
Gary--No generator--no heater--just a wife and two border collies : )
I thought surely somebody would jump on this. The original story I read about the family of 4 that died at the horse show last week said they *did* have a roof vent open, but stated that the CO2 doesn't necessarily rise or something. Moral was, opening a vent is not a guarantee you'll wake up in the morning. An elderly couple who went to lots of trail rides in the Chattanooga area died a few years ago in their camper. I'll bet they knew enough to have a window cracked too.


RE: [RC] Heaters in trailers, Gary Fend