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Re: [RC] Can you teach a horse to walk faster? - Barbara McCrary

<<I used to have very good success by alternatingly "bumping"
a horse with my calf muscle just as his opposite hind foot left the ground.
Usually, they will lengthen the stride when you bump.  I would bump them for
a few strides, then let them relax then bump them a few strides, then let
them relax.  If they have it in them to extend the walk (and a few really
never will) they will begin to do a nice long swingy walk.  Nancy>>

Michelle, I forgot to mention this method, too. I also used it, and it does help a whole lot. You get used to bumping in synchronization with the horse's footsteps and it becomes quite rhythmic.


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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 12:45 PM
Subject: [RC] Can you teach a horse to walk faster?

I have a nice mare that I am conditioning for endurance. She's an 8 yr
Arab, 14hh with short legs. She's been undersaddle for 2 and a half years.
She can do a great, big strided trot, and a nice smooth canter. But her
walk is SLOW!. My husband just got a horse who has a fast walk. I'd like
my horse to have a faster walk. Is this just in her genes or can I teach
her to walk faster? I've tried a bit but she almost always just breaks
into a trot. I've rarely, if ever gotten her to walk fast, big strided and
I've owned her for 2.5 years?


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[RC] Can you teach a horse to walk faster?, michelle