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RE: [RC] Number of horses and riders in France - Leonard.Liesens

Numbers only for France !

Hmmhh. That's a bid advantage in terms of distance to travel to go for a ride.

FEI rides (120km, 160km): almost every Saturday during the season from april to 
october ; an FEI rides attacts on the avg 60 riders, some have only 30 to 40 
but some reach 100 starters.

Local rides : in every department (you call that county), you can have 2 to 4 
rides a month, depending if the department is very active or not. South of 
France is very active for example and you can get one ride every Sunday at 
150km from home.
Local rides ranges from 20, 40km, 60km and 90km. All except 90km are qualifying 
rides. 90km is free speed. 

On top of that they have Young Horse rides where you qualify young horses. When 
succesful, owner receives money for every ride up to a given max allowed rides 
per season, per horse. 

Plus you have the qualifying 90km rides to qualify for the Compiegne World 
Championship (young horse), according to the same system (points given 
depending on the speed, the recoveries, the metabolic parameters, the quality 
of the trotting). Only the best get the right to compete later at the 120km at 
Compiegne. By this way France is sure that horses competing at Compiegne is the 
cream of the cream (not sure that this is a correct expression but you 

You guys should invite me to your next AERC meeting as guest speaker :-) 

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Subject: Re: [RC] Number of horses and riders in France

The AERC has been running between 21 and 22 thousand starts a year. 
Where does France pack that many rides into a small area - compared to 
the US - in a climate that doesn't support riding 365 days a year (which 
you do in a country as large as the US)? How big is the average ride?

Are these numbers only France or do they also include some of it's EU 


Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

no no, not that much; 6000 riders is more appropriate for a total of 
approx 17,000 starts per year

Leonard, Belgium

From: FXLivestock@xxxxxxx

Subject: [RC] Number of horses and riders in France


From the numbers I have seen France has over 12,000 endurance riders as

compared to here which had about 6,500 in 2006. Look at the difference in

numbers of riders when you compare the size of the country.


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smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong” Richard 
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[RC] Number of horses and riders in France, Leonard.Liesens
Re: [RC] Number of horses and riders in France, Truman Prevatt