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Re: [RC] EC in POrtugal - FEI Press release - John Teeter

the source (as referenced by Leonard) was the FEI - the piece is an FEI press release which has been picked up by various publishing outlets. It was referenced in: http://www.endurance.net/RideCamp/ archives/past/07/38/msg00139.html as a forward to ridecamp from the global endurance news stream that Steph and I have been maintaining since 2003 (http://www.enduranceworld.net/channels/news.html).

Some of these posts the news stream have, over the past 4 years, been forwarded to ridecamp as they reflect ideas and issues which engage the global endurance community. Keep in mind that ridecamp has historically been focused upon endurance and distance riding/racing.

Relative to Anne's request for "source of" -- it was on the subject line of Leonard's post:)

Relative to Linda's request for full, and verbose, disclosure of all sources -- our approach is/has been less "in you face". With respect to the stories listed in http://www.enduranceworld.net/channels/ news.html, we have attempted to always supply minimal attributions on the summary notification with click-through to the actual publication (as exemplified in: http://www.enduranceworld.net/channels/2007/09/ strong-competition-at-european.html - which is where Steph published the reference to the FEI Press release discussed by Leonard).

I hope this answers the questions raised by Linda (note that the time- stamps are available on all of the posts to the various news streams which we have set up. Most of you are not up to speed on the RSS news aggregation technologies, but all of this information is available (as is ridecamp) through live-links (firefox) or google reader or IE7.0 Feeds technologies. More on these later (under a different thread). As to Linda's question of (paraphrasing) 'what to discuss where?' - I don't think there are really any particular restrictions on ridecamp as it is a forum dedicated to general endurance related topics. Feel free to ad comments to entries in other places (by adding comments to news items for example), but I think the main discussions will always evolve most rapidly on ridecamp.

As to changes on endurance.net, last Dec/Jan Steph did a major overhaul of the look/feel of endurance.net - Primarily it was a change of the toplevel menu system (for example "Stories" used to be visible in the left-hand "menu" of all pages in Endurance.Net - now the stories are available if you first click "Browse" and then "Stories mostly Old" -- new stories are being placed in the "http:// www.endurance.net/channels/rideStories.html", which is availble in the "Stories" section of the center of the front page (and also via RSS feed).

EnduranceEurope.net, as mentioned in response to an earlier reply to Diane, is a new web-site which is intended to focus on the European Endurance community, much like the Endurance.Net site has evolved over time to have more focus on the US Endurance community. In Europe, we have a situation where all of the various countries have their own endurance focused sites, but there isn't a site which unifies the whole field. For example, it is not easy for people in France or Spain to follow events and issues in Sweden or Denmark. EnduranceEuorpe.net is focused on solving that problem. So we are attempting to provide a common place for europeans to do what the us riders (with the analogous regional groups) already do with Endurance.Net. Note that Endurance.Net and EnduranceEurope.Net share the same global news stream. But they have different localized streams (Tracks for US centric news and Buzz for European centric news). Steph (and I) must editorially decide when a particular piece fits into which (or both) categories. For example, a posting I made this morning about the passing of Howard Harris went into "News" as he was well known in the global endurance community. The posting Merri made last night re: the 2007 Virginia City 100 went into the "Tracks" site as a US centric posting (authored by Merri as a compendium of images and various posts by Kevin/Lucy/et.all) - The most recent "Buzz" post (by steph) relates to this week-ends Nordic/ Baltic championship taking place in Denmark.

There are many more particular items which I can discuss if you all are interested. but this particular post is getting pretty long. This week-end (as is shown as the current "headline" on EnduranceEurope.net, we have FEI endurance competitions underway on 5 continents. We will be receiving updates from the US, Denmark, France and hope to have reports (after the fact:) from Columbia, Poland, and Botswana. We are also in the final stages of pre for the Owyhee Canyonlands ride which will start next Tuesday.

Ride ON:)


On Sep 21, 2007, at 6:53 AM, Anne Heilgeist wrote:

Affected: yes. But the author (in the next sentence) does mention that the average speed was 19.118 km/hr....slower than the speed in the 2005 competition also mentioned.

And I agree...I would like to know the source also.

Anne Heilgeist
Maryland, USA

Linda Marins <coldeye22@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The writer means that the statistics prove it *was* a championship level course.

The rest is just affected verbiage.

The writer never states *what* statistics he believes "proves" this.

I would also like to see everything that comes into Ridecamp from all of
these different and very confusing "channels" (Endurance Tracks, Endurance
World, Endurance Europe, Endurance Riding News, etc.) clearly labeled with:

1. The source of the story (which publication originally published it?)
2. The *DATE* and timestamp of the story, if available.
3. The author of the story, if known.
4. *Who* is forwarding the story to Ridecamp? Is this stuff Steph and
John are finding and piping through? Or are the publications themselves
sending it directly to Ridecamp via some special mail alias?
4. Anything known about the affiliation of the
publication and/or author.

Things are definitely changing on endurance.net, but I'm having trouble
figuring out what all the new things are (enduranceeurope.net,
enduranceworld.net) and what they are supposed to be for. Am I
supposed to be discussing European Championship issues on Ridecamp?
Or on the enduranceeurope.net blog? Or what?

Linda Marins


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


Re: [RC] EC in POrtugal - FEI Press release, Anne Heilgeist