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Re: [RC] EC in POrtugal - FEI Press release - Anne Heilgeist

Affected:  yes.  But the author (in the next sentence) does mention that the average speed was 19.118 km/hr....slower than the speed in the 2005 competition also mentioned.
And I agree...I would like to know the source also.
Anne Heilgeist
Maryland, USA

Linda Marins <coldeye22@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The writer means that the statistics prove it *was* a championship level course.
The rest is just affected verbiage.
The writer never states *what* statistics he believes "proves" this.
I would also like to see everything that comes into Ridecamp from all of
these different and very confusing "channels" (Endurance Tracks, Endurance
World, Endurance Europe, Endurance Riding News, etc.) clearly labeled with:
1.  The source of the story (which publication originally published it?)
2.  The *DATE* and timestamp of the story, if available.
3.  The author of the story, if known.
4.  *Who* is forwarding the story to Ridecamp?  Is this stuff Steph and
      John are finding and piping through?  Or are the publications themselves
      sending it directly to Ridecamp via some special mail alias?
4.  Anything known about the affiliation of the
     publication and/or author.
Things are definitely changing on endurance.net, but I'm having trouble
figuring out what all the new things are (enduranceeurope.net,
enduranceworld.net) and what they are supposed to be for.  Am I
supposed to be discussing European Championship issues on Ridecamp?
Or on the enduranceeurope.net blog?  Or what?
Linda Marins
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Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 8:11 AM
Subject: [RC] EC in POrtugal - FEI Press release

This is one of the sentence of this release displayed on the FEI website. I thought may english wasn't too bad, but here I'm unable to find out weather the course was or not on the level of a championship :-)
We should organize bettings to find out who wrote this release... I have my idea :-)
Leonard, Belgium
"The resultant ride statistics disproved any suggestion that this was anything other than a championship level course."

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Re: [RC] EC in POrtugal - FEI Press release, Linda Marins