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Re: [RC] So many questions, no little time - Barbara McCrary

You don't need a crew, you don't need gizmos, all you need is a horse, a saddle that fits him well, a bridle and bit he is happy with, comfortable clothes for you (recommend tights, not jeans), a helmet (essential, as far as I'm concerned), comfortable footwear, a spare Easyboot, a couple of water bottles, and you're ready to go.  Gizmos and expensive tack are fun but not necessary.  Crews for a 50 aren't necessary, either.  On a 100, that's different.  It helps to have someone to think for you when you become very tired.  :-))
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From: Robert R
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 9:22 PM
Subject: [RC] So many questions, no little time

My apologies for list clutter.  Just kind of getting overwhelmed.  I have a question bout crews.  Specifically, I will be doing the 50 and Missouri Final Fling the day after Thanksgiving.  Will I really need a crew for a 50?  I think normally, I could get some great crew folks but the day after Thanksgiving may prove much more difficult.  What exactly is it I need a crew to do for me?  Is that particular ride feasible without a crew?
I'd also like to see someone's list (and there has to be list makers on here) for what is an essential thing to take and what is just comfort or efficiency to take.  This will definitey be a bare bones trip for me as I can't justify acquiring potentially $1,000s worth of stuff only to discover it doesn't appeal to me after I've run one or two.  So what for you makes a significant amount of impact that you would say, "If I don't have such and such with me, I might as well stay home."

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[RC] So many questions, no little time, Robert R