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[RC] companion animals, friends, or livestock - Tx Trigger

Not everyone views a horse as a companion animal. Some in fact, do NOT want that designation, as some states / counties give tax breaks for livestock, and horses can qualify as such. But not if they have the designation as a "companion animal".  Now I don't think a horse should be viewed as livestock personally, for "tax breaks" unless they produce something, such as meat, fiber, or are used to work an establishment that produces such, like a cattle ranch would use horses to work the ranch.    Not ALL horse owners look at them as pets, or "friends" either. Some view them no different than a tool to use to get a particular job done. I know that will be very hard for some of you to grasp.  Same with some dog owners. In some areas that breed them for hunting, if the dog does "not hunt" it is common for them to dispose of them in manners many on here would indeed find hard to grasp.  A neighbor had two dogs that started chasing livestock, and attacked a small donkey. He shot them himself. Animals are not viewed the same by everyone.  So you can not say "friends do not send friends to slaughter", as many just do not view them the same as you do.
Now, I better put a disclaimer before I get hate mail, asking how I could not think of my horses as my friends etc. etc. I did NOT say this is how *I* feel about them. I have just met many who have different views on animals than myself, and understand why some find slaughter an option to an animal no longer needed, or wanted.