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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] A Public Service Announcement from a Ride Manager ... - Nancy Mitts

Ditto...If you've ever gotten mad at a vendor for not returning your call......
It might also help to point out that even email isn't foolproof. If you NEED a reply and don't get one, try again, please!
I thought it was just me going into the "answering machine trance" hoping to make sense of it!
Nancy Mitts

I think something like this would make a great article for the RM column in
EN!!!  I go through the same thing every April for my ride.  Dawn Carrie

On 8/17/07, Patti Stedman <procompsvc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is half in jest, but half serious too.
> If you leave a message for a Ride Manager (or hell, anyone), please:
> 1.) Speak slowly and clearly. You know your name and your address and
> your phone number and can pe el it off faster than they read those legalese
> disclaimers on the pharmaceutical ads saying that you might experience oily
> discharge and seizures, but I don't, and when you say it four hundred MPH, I
> end up rewinding the tape 12 times to try to catch it, and end up guessing
> at half of it anyway. You're allowed to repeat it too, to make sure I got
> it the first time.
> 2.) Enunciate. If you have a mouthful of Cheerios, please chew and
> swallow before leaving a message on my answering machine. Likewise, if
> you're drinking heavily, you may want to call back when you're a bit sobered
> up.
> 3.) If you hear an odd beep while leaving your message, and mind you, I'm
> no mechanical genius, something probably went wrong. Maybe the message went
> through, maybe it didn't, but please call back and leave the message again.
> I can easily delete a repeat message, or can use it to try to interpret your
> phone number because you messed up #1, but if I only got your area code and
> then a dial tone, it's hard to call you back.
> 4.) If you don't hear from me, either with an entry in the mail or a call
> back, within a few days, please call me back. Something went wrong and my
> Catholic guilt will be great relieved if you don't think I'm just ignoring
> you because I'm mean. Actually, I am mean, but I am good about returning
> phone calls.
> Thank you.
> --Patti Stedman (NE)

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Re: [RC] [RC] A Public Service Announcement from a Ride Manager ..., Dawn Carrie