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Re: [RC] was slaughter update - Rebecca Fabiszak


 I mentioned to my vet the very thing that Kat just mentioned, having the meat man come to your house to have your horse put down. Then what with the carcass? How many animals can a zoo use? Depends on the zoo, I know, but this is a real option, in my opinion. Beccy

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Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 10:11:43 PM
Subject: [RC] was slaughter update

Beccy said:

> This is why there needs to be a plant in every
> state so that the travel to the plant is relatively short.

Or even better yet, if slaughtering horses were legal in every state,
then horse owners could call the meat man to come to their property and
slaughter the horse at home...which is what you can do now with your pig
or your goat or your cow, or whatever.

Make no mistake, people who are opposed to the slaughter of horses for
human consumption are not concerned about the welfare of horses, they
are just grossed out by the idea that anybody would eat horse meat and
want to impose their cultural/religious taboo on everybody else in the

If they really cared about the welfare of horses, then they would be
clamoring for the legalization of horse slaughter so that horses could
then humanely be put down at home.

It is the making of slaughter illegal that has contributed to the
deplorable conditions that many horses are subjected to.  Making it
illegal throughout the United States will just make the conditions even
worse since they won't just need to be transported across state
boundaries, but also across national boundaries.

There is nothing in the proposed law that says it is illegal to kill,
mistreat, or abuse horses...it is just a proposed law about what you may
do with the carcass after it is dead.  Nobody (even if you aren't a
member of the religion) may eat it.

Orange County, Calif.


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