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[RC] tevis trail / salt blocks - Mary Maynard

I have started the Tevis three times, finished the ride once and I have been on that section of trail many many times on training rides. Two of the three times on the actual Tevis ride when I was on the Ca loop, I have had about 15 to 20 horses right behind me trotting along at a good clip. Believe me: there is NO room to pass or turn around in some sections.  If I was to stop in one of these locations, there is a high likely hood that a serious chain of events would have even more people and horses over the cliff. Would I stop and help? Or would I go on to tell the people in the next vet check? It would depend on the place along the trail, how many riders were directly behind me. How easily if, at all, the injured person can be reached. Please don't judge people unless you have been in their exact situation. Over the course of years I have been riding I have been assisted many times by extremely helpful people and I too have helped others. I think over all we are a great group of kind hearted people!
On the topic of salt blocks: 
  I have gone through THREE  full 12 -12 mineral blocks in the last three months with three horses. They also have access to a white salt block and loose 12 - 12 minerals ad it appears they are nibbling these too.
Here in the pan handle of Florida my horses are sweating just grazing. The last 3 days we have had a heat index of over 110. I have to get up earlier and earlier to train.
I am looking forward to fall ;-)
Mary Anne Maynard

New home for Mom, no cleanup required. All starts here.