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Re: [RC] Go Fly a Kite - Patty P

Hi Tom,
I hope you are not banned. I find it so utterly repulsive that anyone would allow this kind of treatment to any animal let alone a horse. I will never understand how some people can be so low as to allow innocent animals so much misery. There are far too many sick people in this world. It is very sad that they come up with excuses and people actually believe their filthy lies. You have my support Tom. Any time.

-------Original Message-------
From: Tom Sites
Date: 8/2/2007 6:35:07 PM
Subject: [RC] Go Fly a Kite
Here goes.  I subscribe to the Aussie Endurance List and for the past week or so there has been discussion and the banning of a member for posting and naming names of horse abuse in Malaysia.
It has been posted by the SPCA in Malaysia of deaths of horses shipped to a person who is a political entity.  I have forwarded this information to others, who i will not name, hoping they would say something since they had first hand knowledge of this facility.  So far they have not.
I fully expect that by the time this expose is done i will be banned from RC.
So be it.
I am preparing my kite for flight.
Thomas Sites
AERC 5780

[RC] Go Fly a Kite, Tom Sites