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Re: [RC] [RC] Melinsung Ranch, Malaysia - Maryanne Gabbani

Steph is right here. If you all take a little walk down the row of pyramids stables you will see things that want to make you vomit. You will also see some pretty astounding horses at the same stables. Do I think that there is real abuse there? Damn right. The problem comes because people make money from horses without thinking of them as living beings. Judging a whole country based on this makes as much sense as judging the US by the morons who leave horses to starve there. There are bad people everywhere. Those guys in the US who were running around trying to buy every other decent endurance horse about seven years ago to sell them to the UAE are just as bad as the guy who shipped all those horses from Australia.  People have to stop to think, like Angie did, about the reality of industrial horse use and that's what endurance in the UAE is...industrial. There's no way in reality that a desert country with everyone living in a modern city can accommodate LOTS of retired race horses. They have to go somewhere else because everything for horses has to be imported to the UAE and no one in their right mind is going to spend bazillions of bazoozas to support horses that are not winning money.

That's the reality of "professional" endurance or professional sport of any kind. Let's face it, flat track racing isn't exactly the sport of kings in reality, is it?

I have to admit that a campaign against the pyramids stables would be pretty good for my business, but I would end up with a lot of customers that I really don't want. I had one of them recently, actually. A guy from Europe who said that he was an experienced rider who rode to the hunt. He contacted me by email saying that he wanted to do some desert riding  on a "spirited" horse...alarm bells going off here. When he called me the morning that he arrived, he announced that he wanted to go riding in the desert at 3 pm...and was surprised when I refused saying that my horses and I don't work when the temperatures are over 35 C (90 F) in the shade because that meant that we'd be out in about 40+ in the sun and it was too hard for the horses to cool off. This guy ended up coming out in the evening, riding like a yahoo, and not coming back because I insisted that he wear a helmet and not be allowed to just run my horses into the ground. I go out with my horses every trip to protect them from yo-yo's like this but most of the tourist stables don't. I blame the customers as much as I do the stables.


On 8/3/07, rides2far@xxxxxxxx < rides2far@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> For those of you who don't know Malaysia, please don't judge the
> entire country by this one incident.
> Steph

I would  think they could do a great deal for their image if they handle
this one incident well. Something like that goes much farther than
advertising for a place's image.  With the World Championships coming up,
I would think they would knock themselves out to prove this is not how
the lives of endurance horses are valued.



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Re: [RC] Melinsung Ranch, Malaysia, rides2far