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[RC] Kimberly, and LDs - Lisa P

  I guess it depends on whether you want to compete to win LDs or not. A very experienced CTR rider told me if you are riding your horse more than twice a week, any arab can do a 25. She was right. Maleka and I completed our first 25 within time and pulsed down nicely at the end (although she was tired). We had ridden twice a week for about a month before the ride.

  She was fit and ready to run the next day! I of course was sleeping all the next day! :0) I have only completed 1 LD, as finances and health have kept me from riding. Of course I would encourage more riding throughout the week, but if you can only get 2-days-a-week in, that should be enough for any fit arab to be able to complete an LD. I don't know about other breeds. I do know quarter horses need at least that twice a week. I have seen them so dog tired after only 10 when they only get ridden once a week, they need more conditioning; those arabs really have a lot of bottom!

  I am probably going to get some flak on this, but hey, Maleka and I did it and I am an overweight rider. I hope to encourage others who have limited time, at least starting out, that they can do this. It is only the 50s and 100s that need the longer riding times to condition.

  I hope someone will be encouraged to get started!

In His Hands,
Lisa P.

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