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Re: [RC] [RC] Roger Yohe - 1992 Recipient of Pard'ners Award - Maryben Stover

Yep, I rode a ton of miles with Roger and Dan and Melissa Schuler when he was sponsoring her as a junior and he lived in Santa Cruz County.........mb

On 8/1/07, Lucy Chaplin Trumbull <elsietee@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Whilst I don't know Roger personally, he lives not far from me
so while looking at some old AERC Year Books recently, I was
interested to note  that he'd been the 1992 recipient of the
Pard'ners Award:

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From the 1992 AERC Year Book:
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Roger Yohe and Danfastic

* Rider and horse perform together as a mutually bonded team
* Ride and horse engender a spirit of friendship, enthusiasm and
  championship that makes those around them glad to have attended
  the ride.
* However competitive they may be, good sportsmanship remains
  their first priority
* Horse and rider take care of each other
* Together horse and rider personify the prevailing abiding goal of
   AERC "To Finish is to Win"

This award was establish in honor of the late Mae Schlegel.

Story by Linda Glazier

Roger and Dan have been competing as a team since 1983 when Dan was a five year old. Together they have shared over 3,000 miles of trail together in competition and many, many more training miles.

They have completed three Race of Champions and missed another one by one minute of overtime. They finished 14th in Tevis in 1988 and have completed the Swanton 100 five times, with all but one in the top ten. They won the Memorial Day 100 in 1988 - they were selected for the North American Championship in Canada in 1989; however this proved a large disappointment as Dan had tying up problems prior to the ride and they were unable to compete. However they were again selected for the North American C'ship in NV in 1991 and completed successfully.

I asked Roger to give me a description of his relationship with Dan over the years and he told me this: "I used to love him and hate him because he was so hard-headed, now I just love him because he's much more co-operative."

When Roger first saw Dan as a 5 yr old, he was immediately attracted to him, but felt the price was out of his range. However, he soon received a phone call from Dan's owner. Apparently Dan had not only broken his trainer's nose, but she had also suffered a broken arm while trying to ride him... so started the team of Roger and Danfastic.

As Roger talks more about his relationship with Dan he says "Danny is always business-like, honest and focused at what he's doing. He gives 100% and is very trail-wise and trusting. I pay attention to him and after all these years, I know when to listen to him and when not to. Dan and I are out there to have fun and do as well as we can. Afterall, this is my hobby and it's supposed to be fun!"

I asked Roger about their team work of taking care of each other on the trail. He said "Dan is as proud an self-assured as I am. We respect each other. Danny was never crazy or timid, just tough and hard-headed, which I respect. We know how far we can push each other. Danny and I are one. My most emotional moment with Dan was on the Race of Champions in 1988 when we came in 19th and 1st heavyweight. The last 8 miles of the race was in pitch black on a small mountain trail that twisted through the trees. He flew through that trail at a blistering 14 mph trot and I just rode silently and trusted him. When we crossed the finish line, I was crying and was too embarrassed to stop because of the emotional high".

As Roger told me this story, his eyes again filled with tears at the memory. That's why I know this team are true "Pard'ners".

I would like to quote a couple of paragraphs written about Roger in the April 1990 Trail Blazer [magazine]... "In the years following his move to CA, Roger became a familiar face at rides and was noted for being a consistent finisher with a strong horse. His friendly attitude toward other riders made him many friends and his continual efforts toward improvement gained the respect of many. When asked what he does that most improves his performance, he states emphatically "the power of positive thinking! Being cheerful and positive not only helps you, it helps your horse!"

Finally I would like to share one other aspect about Roger that I think coincides with this award. Also quoted from the same issue of Trail Blazer: "As he competed in endurance rides through out the West, Roger had the opportunity to meet many people who influenced his future. One of these people he fondly calls his "heroine" because she embodied his philosophy of the sport, Mae Schlegel"

Roger and Mae have horse competed together in Mae's beloved Sequoia and King's Canyon and have shared many laughs over a campfire together.

I know one of Roger's big sorrows is that Mae died before they got to do the Outlaw Trail together, which she had made him promise to do with her the year she died.

Above Roger's desk hangs a picture of his "heroine" and I know she and Pard will wait for Roger and Dan to ride the trails on the other side.

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Get well soon, Roger!

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Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
elsietee AT foothill DOT net
Repotted english person in the Sierra foothills, CA
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[RC] Roger Yohe - 1992 Recipient of Pard'ners Award, Lucy Chaplin Trumbull