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Re: [RC] Cougar Rock Now & Then - geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx

I put bold on the statement below. How many of you out there feel that your horse would run off a cliff if thats what he thought you wanted? I have one horse who is my absolute best friend. She is a big beautiful black mare with a mind of her own but she does what I ask. However in certain situations she will take charge. When she does this I get a weird "vibe" ( i don't know how to explain it) and I feel like I should let her do her thing. Listening to her when i get this feeling has  ( I believe) saved my life a few times. But a point I should make is that I can tell the difference between her being stubborn and her thinking going a certain way or down a certain trail is a bad idea and could end in disaster.

Barbara Moulton <outermostsoul@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

loved the video- such a long way from being there
myself but between the crowd of unpredictable
strangers at the top and the bypass so close your
horse has to know it is there I would probably go
around just because I have gotten used to a horse who
likes to think for herself and wouldn't want to be in
the middle of it when my mare ( how did you guess she
is female) decides I am on crack and she has a better
no riding since 6/8/07- surgery in sept but I read
about a runner who has my same doc/procedure and was
at 100 weight bearing really fast- probably doesn't
mean much really but is encouraging

when my students get in a tizzy over something stupid
I ask them " is this the hill you're willing to die
on?" macabe visual on that one maybe since trusting
the horse matters I would just approach with an open
mind and feel the moment and choose then.

I have way too much time on my hands right now.

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Re: [RC] Cougar Rock Now & Then, Barbara Moulton