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Re: [RC] Cougar Rock Now & Then - kathy . mayeda

To me, Cougar Rock looks doable. 
I come from an area with great conditioning trails - meaning nice big hills to trot up - but it's all groomed and not as technical.  I got reminded of that when I did a couple of rides in the Sierra Foothills how easy our footing is where I normally train (or I should say used to train...)  I guess if you don't train on these types of trails it can be pretty intimidating.
Beau and I love technical trails - especially rocky little single tracks.  Not much of them around here.
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From: "Patty P" <desertridingal@xxxxxxx>
Being here in Arizona we have lots of steep rocky climbs and descents. The cougar rock video did not LOOK like it was tough at all, but I know it must be from all the talk and hoopla about it. For someone who has never been on it, I have a feeling I might be in for a surprise. :) I am a chicken when it comes to drop offs anyway...HATE them...I am learning a lot by reading all your posts. I particularly liked the one where she said she just trotted the cliff part of the trail to get it over with, while others were walking along in the dark...I would definitely be trotting! The sooner I get past a drop off the better! LOL... This cougar rock, I am guessing, must look and be much scarier in real life than it is in the video.  And it does seem that the danger is when a horse does not cooperate and wants to back down, is this true? 
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Date: 7/31/2007 10:01:06 PM
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Subject: [RC] Cougar Rock Now & Then
It's the cheering, clapping and photo-taking that worry me!
  I ride a spook-fest and that might send him over the
edge!!!  My husband and I watched the video - he
(non-horsey) was horrified.  I thought the view from down
low made it look so EASY, but the upper view IS scary
looking!  Funny what an angle can do?  I guess we can all
be glad that the trail goes up it, rather than down!
Heidi and Kalasha (who doesn't appreciate applause!)
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