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Re: [RC] Name for a black horse - Patricia Israelson

I liked the name Booger too.  I used to have a silver ferret I named Booger.  He got out of the house one day and I spent several days looking under my neighbors bushes, going up and down the streets and alleys, calling "Booger, here Booger!!!"  My neighbors always thought I was nuts; I just confirmed it.  The best way to choose a name for a kid or a horse is to go out to a public place and call the chosen name out loud several times.  If you get strange looks from people and feel stupid, well, you may want to choose another name.  Hope this helps. 
Patty Israelson
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Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 9:58 AM
Subject: [RC] Name for a black horse

Hello RC,
   Seems that I am soon to be the owner of a recently gelded little Arab that has lost his papers due to a neglect case, I need a name for him.   He is black, or was until he stayed outside in the Alabama sun.  He will be Joni's horse, and she wants to call him Booger.  His full name would be The Boogie Man.  But, my crew, (Laurie Underwood) says she will NOT crew for a horse named Booger.  Joni is set on the name Booger....and I like it to.  So, if you can come up with something more dignified than Booger....let's hear it.
PS.  The mule was a little better today.  Cash Pony on the other hand, after spending the night in the stall next to her to "Mule sit"....was very happy to get the heck out of Dodge.

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[RC] Name for a black horse, Jody Rogers-Buttram