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Re: [RC] My Tevis Day - Lysane Cree

So that *was* your Paint I saw going up in the Cougar Rock video that looked so calm and matter-of-fact :) I was wondering how the two of you did.
It is unfortunate that you lost a shoe and had a cable break on your Easyboot! I guess that is why Karen C. suggests having a few extra Easyboots just in case Murphy's law is around the corner :)
Sounds like you had a great ride just the same, perhaps there will be another Tevis for you next year?

Dawn Simas <dawnsimas67@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
After a lifetime of volunteering for the ride (my Grandpa ran the Pointed Rocks check for 24 years, my Mom rode with Paige Harper), this was my first Tevis and I must say, the easiest one since I was out riding.  ;-)
It was exhilerating to be a part of Tevis, really had a great day.  I had an awesome crew in my runner friend Don Smith, my Mom, Marion Robie Arnold, and Preston Ketcherside (Lila and Gib's son).  Amigo got straight A's with the exception of one B on gut sounds at Robinson, which was an A again at Last Chance.  But he threw a shoe at 47 miles, then the cable on my brand new easyboot Epic broke, and I had to walk him two hours to the next stop, so we were overtime at Last Chance.  He easily could have finished if not for just bad luck.  He was pulling as we were headed home and didn't appear like he'd done a thing, not even a windpuff.
I am blessed in that I can ride this trail any day of the year for free.  I feel for the people that are pulled that drove long distances and this is their one chance.  Or how disappointed they are to not see the remainder of the historical trail.  Or they are going home with a sick or lame horse and they are second guessing their ride.  I had none of these burdens, just an awesome day with my beloved horse.  He is healthy and sound and I feel great since we only did 50 miles or so.  :)  :)

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[RC] My Tevis Day, Dawn Simas