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Re: [RC] Webcast Update/ Calves & Lessons - Patty P

 Hi Angie,
I wasn't thanking you for your advice, but for your humor, your t shirts, your cartoons, your ability to keep things lite. THAT is worth its weight in gold!
And of course, I would never believe you would risk your horse to win a race!
-------Original Message-------
Date: 7/30/2007 1:07:15 PM
Subject: [RC] Webcast Update/ Calves & Lessons
> Hi Angie,  >   > I don't think we let you know often enough, how much
we appreciate
> what you> do for this sport as well. In fact, earlier today, I was
> myself> winning the Tevis,
You see, that's how we know you're new. You haven't met me and learned to
ignore my advice...and you haven't gotten to the point of knowing that if
you *ever* get a horse good enough to win Tevis the LAST thing you want
to do is risk hurting that horse trying to win *Tevis*!!
I'm far more interested in Karen Everhart's riding advice to Paul:
>:It probably means that you are using your "knee extensors" (front of
the thigh muscles) to post or 2-point, rather than the hip extensors in
the gluts and >>>hamstrings.  It could also EASILY mean that your
stirrups hang at a forward angle and you have to ">>>>brace" through your
knee to stay up or post up.
I'm off to find a diagram to see where the gluts & hamstrings are and go
see if I can feel them when I ride! :-)) IT'S SO HUMID HERE I WANNA GO TO
Thanks Karen!
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[RC] Webcast Update/ Calves & Lessons, rides2far