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[RC] Jeremy's crew mistake?? - FreeForm USA

I guess the question in my mind, does the punishment fit the crime.  If there was a traffic violation by a crew member, which I guess there was, the official word from the Cup committee was published in the paper....
For me it is like getting executed for jaywalking.  The Haggin cup in huge.  To take that away from the rider because a crew member committed a traffic violation that had no impact on the race what so ever does not seem fair. Punishment should fit the crime.
Other then third hand info from sources inside the cup committee, the published comments are all your going to get.   So, the rest of the information is suspect.  I don't think we can really speculate as to how dangerous the violation was because of lack of information. I did chat with one of the reporters, who had 35 years of investigative reporting, she was less then pleased with the sketchy info she was supplied with.  She also commented that the person who reported the traffic violation also had a vested interest in the outcome of the Tevis cup.
Most of the pictures in this link are at Robinson and Michigan Bluff of maybe the top 8 or so riders.
Lets chat about what Jeremy's crew did right................they were the only crew that un tacked at Michigan Bluff and cooled and fed their horses and let the front runners trot on up the road...
I took lots of pictures but missed Jeremy's flying mount on to Eli heading out of town. 
Certainly not taking anything away from Crandall, who's performance and records speak for themselves, but did the best horse really win the Haggin cup??  Probably, his horse looked great, can't imagine another horse looking that good, but CV Eli maybe should of had the chance, he worked hard and deserved it IMHO.
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